This week, Titans Comics released Blade Runner Origins 3. This series continues to faithfully capture the heart and soul of the original Blade Runner movie. The art brings the ambiance and feel of the movie, while the script successfully executes the tension, grit and confusion of the Ridley Scott classic. I have to admit after reading this issue, I think I am just as confused as I was after watching the movie. Who’s a replicant, who’s real, and who’s motives are the right ones? Origins 3 answers some questions, but leaves us with a whole bunch more.

Who survives a crash like that?!

What better way to kick off this issue than with Ilora Stahl. To this point she acts cold, calculating and utterly devoid of any good intentions. She exists to execute (and I do mean execute) the will of the Tyrell Corporation. What she says never really matters as much as the implied malice, threat and words said between the lines. Her cold hearted personality puts her at the top of my list for possible replicant plant. In fact the way she emerges from her destroyed car screams replicant, but at the same time the most soulless person in a room is rarely the robot. The art implies one thing, but the story fails to confirm if she is or is not a replicant.

Blade Runner Origins 3 – The Dead Rise….I Think

Who are you?

In another case of ‘Is she or isn’t she’ we have Marcus’ rescuer. Who better to look after someone’s little brother than, well, their big sister. Forget the fact she’s supposed to be dead. Details, details. None other than the dead scientist and big sister herself, Lydia Kine saves Marcus from Stahl’s cold grip. This revelation leaves Marcus as confused as the reader. How is Lydia both dead and sitting by her brother’s side? Remember, there was a body back at the lab, and we have to assume it was 100% confirmed as Lydia. So is this new person a replicant? Or was the body back at the lab some sort of clone left in her stead?

In every other universe the answer to this question is simple. You simply ask the person questions only they could know, but in the Blade Runner universe this does not work. These newest replicants had memories implanted in their brains, so even though they may be fresh off the assembly line, they will have memories of families and events that never existed. Does Lydia remember her past and little brother because they were implanted in her, or is this the real Lydia? Even if this person was a replicant she would plead she is the real Lydia because she would believe she truly IS the real Lydia.

That really is most of this issue. The hunt for answers sends Lydia and Marcus to her place to find proof at her apartment. Effie, Lydia’s assistant went running to Cal for help, but he know Tyrell Corp is too big to be taken down. They own everything, media, cops, etc. Effie heads to her apartment for evidence while Cal heads to Lydia’s. Unfortunately for Effie, Stahl has the same idea she had. Oh, and let’s not forget about the invisible people that are ransacking Lydia’s place. Cal enjoys taking them out. His past still haunts him.

Blade Runner Origins 3 – Who’s Where Again?

I think I am glad Blade Runner Origins drops every other week. There is so much going on and so many questions after every issue, I’d hate to wait a month for answers (or remember all the finer details). Who’s real and who isn’t may be frustrating, but that is trademark Blade Runner. Fans still debate whether Deckard is human or replicant. Let’s hope these pages give us a little more clarity when all is said and done.

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