Following immediately on from last’s week episode of Invincible – a gruesome start to an episode that deals mostly with the fallout from Mark’s team up with Titan and Debbie continuing her investigation into her husband. The episode parallels Mark’s questioning of being a hero with Atom Eve taking her superhero life in a new direction.

The ending suggests that Cecil and the government might have some new ways to oppose Omni Man going forward we will have to see. Robot and his motivations still elude me, definitely speculate in the comments if you haven’t already read the comics.

Atom Eve & Mark Grayson

Mark Grayson

After the events of last episode questioning your future might not have been a bad idea by Mark. Dragging Amber along though was maybe a step too far at this point. Wanting to hang onto Amber in this scary time is understandable though.

William finding it was handled well I like that Mark’s best friend instantly recognizes him even as he is likely terrified. I think William is the support Mark needs because we know he isn’t getting it from Nolan. It is a shame we only have two episodes to see how their relationship is changed by this.

Amber - Invincible S01E06

Atom Eve

Atom Eve moving out of her parents’ place seems like the best decision for her. While her father would have us believe that he is just concerned about her his inability to listen speaks louder. Her desire to be a different kind of superhero, inspired by Amber is interesting. Someone like Superman is a superhero that does both, equally likely to save tsunami victims or battle evil robots. She experienced something similar to what Mark did last episode examining if they were doing as much good as they could but going at it in a very different way.

Debbie Grayson

I wonder if the stress and dread of seeing Mark near death firmed her resolve to get to the bottom of the Guardians attack? There is a lot of commentary around regarding the marriage. One of the best points I heard made was that Debbie herself got a bad vibe from Nolan only reconsidering after he saved some kids, probably should have stayed with that first impression.

Nolan and Art

Can we take a minute to remember Art Rosenbaum those drinks with Nolan probably took 20 years off his life? Who knew a tailor for superheroes doubles as a CSI tech? I hope he makes it through the season.

I’d like to assume that Debbie has never been scared or threatened by Nolan. I feel like without that belief, the confrontation couldn’t have ‘ended’ like it did. At this point she knows he slaughtered the Guardians but I guess she trusts him enough to not silence her.

Two more episodes left I wonder what the cliffhanger will be? More to the point though Amazon hurry up and renew this amazing show.

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