In the original series The Last Witch from author Conor McCreery, young Saoirse discovers the birthmark across her shoulder is actually a witchmark, which allows her to resist dark magick… and take it for herself. She must learn to control her power, or the Cailleach and her handmaidens will release the Eater of Worlds from the faerie lands, destroying all life on the planet.

Check out our review for issue #4 below!

The Last Witch continues to delight with issue #4. 

Based on the loose structure of the story, there was the chance this series could end up feeling like it was retreading the same path: Saoirse travels a bit, arrives in a new location, and battles a new witchy foe.

But issue #4 shakes up the formula before it can start feeling repetitive. In this issue we meet Hugh, a faerie who appears in time to help Saoirse and her family out of a difficult spot with some locals. Not only does Hugh’s appearance shake up the story format a bit, it manages to move the plot along, all while adding some nice levity. 

After Saoirse’s showdown with Bronagh the water witch, the story took another emotionally heavy turn. While she won the battle against the witch, she did so at great cost to the surrounding community. It left Saoirse wondering about the true cost of the war she was fighting – and if her efforts to save the world would actually only cause greater harm.

But Hugh turns up, bringing a bit of mischief and fun. His presence gets Saoirse to engage again. And more importantly, the promise of a new ally fills her with hope. Maybe she can save the world after all.

Plus, as a faerie, Hugh’s uniquely positioned to give Saoirse (and the audience) more of the backstory to the rise and fall of the Faerie King. Through his story, we continue to be even more immersed in the culture and lore at the heart of The Last Witch.

Though there isn’t a big magical showdown in this issue, we get a lot more insight into how magic can help communities in need. I’m glad the story took the time to re-emphasize that witches’ powers don’t have to be all about combat. That actually, there’s a much more grounded, everyday use. Because when the world is saved from the immediate threat of the bad guys, you want to know it can still be made an even better place.

The Last Witch #4 is now available from Boom! Studios.