Baron Zemo would be really mad if someone spoiled the episode for you, so make sure you watch episode four before you read this review! Also click here if you want to see the ONE HOUR ZEMO DANCING CUT.


All I have to say is, wow.

On the scale of moments that the MCU has given us, that ending might be one of the most breathtaking. It was shocking, it was disheartening, it was everything that Steve Rogers isn’t. Which is why Wyatt Russell is doing such a fantastic job with the character of John Walker.

John Walker’s Moral Compass Is Gone

Lemar Hoskins was the moral compass for John Walker. He was the one that talked him down, kept him cool. This episode took him away from Walker, and took away that layer of his humanity. It’s obvious that he took the supersoldier serum. He was kicking ass, bending pipes, and throwing around the shield like it was nothing. That wasn’t the only breathtaking moment of this episode, but it’s the longest lasting.

The shot at the end with him holding the very shield that Steve Rogers held, with blood caked on it, is one of the strongest images that Marvel Studios has presented. I’m typing this review, still in shock from the brutality and senseless violence on display. Once again, it just proves that Wyatt Russell saw the role and ran with it. He’s stated that he auditioned for Steve Rogers back before Chris Evans got the part. This just shows that John Walker is very much like Steve Rogers, but he’s still missing that moral goodness. John Walker wants to do good, he wants to save lives, but he’s missing the very essence of Captain America.

As for the rest of the episode, it wasn’t as flashy or stylish as the last one, but it didn’t need to be. We had our vacation with Baron Zemo, and now it’s time to get back to the rest of the world.

The Wakandan’s Show Their Ferocity

Can we just give a moment of Zen for the Wakandan warriors fighting off two Avengers, Captain America, and Battlestar? They not only showed us just how fearsome warriors they can be, but it makes me so excited to return to that world in Black Panther II. Baron Zemo is on the run again, and I don’t think we’ll be seeing the last of him on this show. He has too much at stake with Karli and his goal of ending all genetically modified people, heroes or villains. That wrinkle to his character is truly the most interesting. He’s lost everything besides his wealth. Now he’s using that wealth and knowledge to get rid of super people.

Notice how he didn’t give an answer when Sam asked about what he would do to Bucky.

Speaking of Bucky, there were so many moments, the touching point at the beginning of the episode gets lost. That sheer showing of emotion by Sebastian Stan was heartbreaking.

This was filled with the same great action that we’ve had throughout, but with way more character building.

It’s a fresh way of presenting the show, and it just goes to show how great that Marvel have gotten at this.

Intrigue At What Comes Next

John Walker is without a moral compass, Baron Zemo is on the loose, Karli had her best friend die, the Power Broker is pissed off, and Sam and Bucky are in the middle of it. We only have two episodes left, but this is a combustible situation. John Walker already showed his brutality in this episode, what’s he going to do if he gets his hands on Karli?

There’s also the issue of Karli knowing about Sam’s family. It’s all a stressful situation that I can’t wait to see how it pans out.

Overall, it’s not fair to say that this was my favorite episode of the series so far, because they’ve all been so great. I don’t think we should judge these Marvel shows on an episode by episode basis. They craft and tell a story that twists and turns across it’s runtime. it and WandaVision have both been movie quality stories that are stretched out. The Falcon and The Winter Soldier is doing very much of the same, just in a completely different way.

We’ll have to see next week, but if this week was any indication, there are sure to be fireworks.

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