Okay, let’s be honest. The *tragedy* in The Mandalorian, Season 2 episode “The Tragedy” was not Grogu’s capture. Lucasfilm was not going to build things up with Baby Yoda over two seasons only to have him die at the hands of Moff Gideon. No, the real heartbreak came upon watching two now-iconic pieces of Star Wars history get blown to smithereens. First was Din Djarin’s pulse rifle. Then there was the devastating loss of the Razor Crest. Now, in a cruel twist of fate, live once again imitates art.

Remember Russian guys who made real life Razor Crest replica? It was destroyed by wind… from r/TheMandalorianTV

For the better part of two seasons, The Mandalorian featured another bucket-of-bolts, underestimated starship in the Razor Crest. Fans had grown attached to the ship, especially after one sassy Mon Calamari “repaired” it in unique fashion. It was a betrayal on Navarro, however, that eventually led to the ship’s destruction. To honor it, in the ultimate act of cosplay, one Star Wars fan constructed a massive replica in Russia. Sadly, it too has met its demise.

Fan-made Razor Crest imitates its Mandalorian namesake

As you could see in the gut-wrenching Reddit video above, the fan-made version of Din Djarin’s workhorse ship met a similar end. The television version succumbed to Moff Gideon’s lasers. The real-life version, however, met its maker at the hands of Mother Nature. A strong wind storm in Yakutsk, Russia, where the replica Razor Crest once stood, toppled the installation in short order.

Razor Crest; Mandalorian

The fan-made Crest before its untimely demise. (Credit: Instagram user @just.ayaal)

It’s truly disheartening to see such a masterpiece of fan engineering and ingenuity destroyed like this. Still, that someone was able to reproduce the ship in such stunning fashion remains a bright spot in a Star Wars fandom often plagued with negativity. There’s no word yet on whether its maker will rebuild this version of the Crest. We’d guess that, as in the show, the ship has sadly seen its final moments.

RIP, Razor Crest. Again.