Yasuke just built up the hype with a new teaser trailer. Now it seems they want to build it up even more with a bit of teaser art.

Netflix released this new key art of Yasuke just after showing off that teaser trailer yesterday on April 1, 2021. It shows a katana sword buried in the ground. Firelight reflects off of the blade, and sparks rise into the air from nearby fires. The reddened sky and the ruins of a fortification in the background strongly suggests that this artwork depicts the aftermath of a defeat. What it doesn’t mention is who won, and who lost. I suspect that’s what the anime will tell us when we finally get to see it on April 29, 2021.

Yasuke: Honor Needs a New Sword

In the grim darkness of the 16th century, there is only Chaos.

The new key art also come with some production info and a short synopsis about Yasuke. The synopsis goes as follows:

The tale is set in a war-torn feudal Japan filled with mechs and magic, the greatest ronin never known, Yasuke, struggles to maintain a peaceful existence after a past life of violence. But when a local village becomes the center of social upheaval between warring daimyo, Yasuke must take up his sword and transport a mysterious child who is the target of dark forces and bloodthirsty warlords. 

Yasuke is created by LeSean Thomas (Cannon Busters) who also serves as executive producer and director, revered Japanese animation studio MAPPA (Attack on Titan: The Final Season, Jujutsu Kaisen), with director and animator Takeshi Koike (Lupin the Third: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine) responsible for character designs, music by Grammy Award-nominated artist Flying Lotus and award-winning actor LaKeith Stanfield serving as executive producer and the voice of Yasuke.

We also get the names of other production staff members:

  • Chief Animation Director: Satoshi Iwataki
  • Chief Technical Director: Takeru Sato
  • Sub-character Design: Kenichi Shima
  • World Art Design & Art Settings: Minoru Nishida
  • Art Director: Junichi Higashi
  • Color Setting: Azusa Sasaki
  • 3D CGI Director: Yuki Nomoto
  • Photography: Park Hyo-gyu
  • Editing: Mutsumi Takemiya

All in all, Yasuke looks to be shaping up to be one heck of an anime. It’s even based on the life of an actual historical figure of the same name. Minus the magic, of course.


Yasuke is building up on the hype with a bit of new teaser art. This is on top of the new trailer that Netflix showed off yesterday on April 1, 2021. If you’re interested in this anime series, check it out on Netflix on April 29, 2021.

Source: Netflix