Bucky and Sam would be really mad if someone spoiled the episode for you, so make sure you watch episode three before you read this review!

Well this episode took some serious turns. It’s definitely my favorite episode of the series yet. From the explosive action, to all the little details between Bucky and Zemo, it’s a fantastic character building exercise. There’s a grey area that these two heroes are operating under. They’re about a hair away from the villains that they’re trying to capture on the spectrum.

No matter what you thought was going to happen during this episode, I’m sure it didn’t come true. Whether the marketing for this show about how Zemo was going to be the villain is true or not, it’s made for damn interesting television. The re-introduction of Zemo to the MCU is grand and frankly, awesome. Daniel Bruhl’s performance in Captain America: Civil War was top notch and placed him among the best villains in comic book films. He had perfect motivation for wanting to destroy the Avengers from within. His character in the early-going reminded me of Hannibal Lector from either Manhunter or Silence of the Lambs.

At the end of the day, this was one of the best character looks we’ve gotten from Marvel. Between this and Wandavision, these shows are doing amazing jobs of fleshing out somewhat underutilized characters. Plus, we can now use a GIF of Zemo dancing from this episode for the rest of eternity.

The Best Action Of The Series So Far

Whether it was Bucky kicking ass in Madripoor or Sharon, Bucky, Zemo, and Sam having to shoot their way out of the shipping containers, this was some of the best action we’ve seen. It felt just like the climax of a buddy action film, but it’s somehow only in episode three of the season. It even had Sam and Bucky arguing over who had the right plan. While it’s disappointing that Sharon had to make her exit, I’m sure we’ll see her again. Plus we have the reveal of the Power Broker to look forward to.

If you’re confused about that ending, don’t worry. Florence Kasumba was listed in the credits of Captain America: Civil War as “Security Chief” and she’s actually Ayo from Black Panther, she clearly has some unfinished Wakandan business with Zemo. Whether getting him out of prison was a whole plan by Bucky or not, we’ll have to figure that out in the coming episodes.

This episode planted so many seeds, had so many callbacks, and just thought provoking scenes. Walker and Hoskins are up to something out of their jurisdiction as well. Sam and Bucky can bend the rules, so can they. That plus all the dialogue between Sharon and Sam about how the US is hypocritical comes to a head when we figure out why Isaiah was being held against his will. It was for more super soldiers. Which is horrifying and heartbreaking. Like I said last week, I want to see more from him in the future.

So Much To Look Forward To On The Falcon and The Winter Soldier

This episode was fantastic and showed off just why this series works so well. From the writing, to the acting, to the motivation of all the characters. It’s a perfect patchwork of everything coming together to give us a fantastic show. Where do we go from here? I’m not sure. The Flagsmashers showed themselves as being a bit more devilish than just freedom fighters getting supplies for people. Carly has some outside motivation involved here.

Sam and Bucky are hanging with Zemo, which I couldn’t have guessed going into this episode. Zemo might turn out to be a double agent, but who knows at this point? Plus, we still don’t know who the Power Broker is and what Ayo is going to do to Zemo. All this keeps coming together for some damn interesting television.

We’ll have to see next week.

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