With vaccines rolling out and states opening back up, people have started heading back to movie theaters. Godzilla vs. Kong, which premiered yesterday, March 31, made $9.6 million domestically.

Theaters closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic last March. Select theaters started reopening as early as August 2020, but key markets—like LA and New York— remained closed. Now, Godzilla vs. Kong marks the biggest opening day box office since the start of the pandemic.

The movie raked in over 9 million from 2,409 theaters. That means each averaged a take of around $4,000.

Not only is this impressive for the state of the world, it’s an interesting look at how the film industry is adapting. Studios have been conflicted about moving their theatrical releases to streaming platforms, with different companies taking different approaches during the pandemic closures. Warner Bros. was criticized for its plan to debut its 2021 slate of blockbusters simultaneously in theaters and on HBO Max. But letting Godzilla and Kong battle it out on HBO Max didn’t stop WB from grabbing the pandemic box office crown.

Prior to Godzilla vs. Kong, Warner Bros. still held the best opening during the pandemic with its Christmas Day premiere of Wonder Woman 1984.

With 655 additional theaters scheduled to open this Friday (including major venues in NYC and LA), it seems like we can expect the film’s box office numbers to continue to grow.

So, did you head out to see Godzilla vs. Kong in theaters on opening day? Will you go this weekend? Or will you take advantage of that 30-day HBO Max window? Let us know in the comments.

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Source: Deadline