Have you ever had Scotty beam you up a pizza but realized he forgot the pizza cutter? Well, thanks to Toynk you will not have to worry about that anymore. Toynk has just added the Star Trek Discovery Crossfield Starship metal pizza cutter that is a must-have for any Trekkie. This pizza cutter, made by Robe Factory LLC retails for $34.99 and is available now at Toynk.com. Here are the official details.

Star Trek Discovery Crossfield Starship Metal Pizza Cutter



Black alert! Operate the experimental spore drive with this officially licensed Star Trek Discovery Pizza Cutter. Inspired by the USS Discovery from the latest entry into the Star Trek franchise, this collectible pizza slicer is expertly crafted to look like the iconic Crossfield-class starship.

The premium stainless steel design provides an appealing finish that looks sleek and polished. Serve as the captain of the USS Discovery (and your kitchen) with this easy-to-handle utensil. Hold the starship by its tapered nacelles, and the segmented saucer section rotates to slice up a variety of goodies.



The heavy-duty design and sturdy handle ensure optimal performance, so you can enjoy clean-cut slices with every serving. Easily cut into an assortment of baked items, including cakes, breads, pies, and of course, pizza.

Just keep in mind that with the experimental spore drive onboard, Starfleet crew members who order mushrooms do so at their own risk. If you accidentally tap into the mycelial network, we can’t be held responsible.


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