This week from Titan Comics we get the second issue in a promising new story arc. Blade Runner – Origins 2 tells the canon story of the formation of the Replicants and how they came to being, Detective Cal Moreaux was assigned by his boss to look into an apparent suicide at the Tyrell Corporation. Instead of accepting the story, he began asking questions, and now a chain of events begins to unfold that will change the future.

Her name was Lydia. She was one of two programmers on the Replicant project before she supposedly committed suicide. Moreaux starts his investigation as close as he can to the source, Lydia’s brother Marcus Kine. He doesn’t offer much insight, but it’s a place to start. Apparently, someone else had the same idea as a mysterious stranger also follows Marcus. I think the missing Replicant just showed up.

Blade Runner Origins 2 – Cue the Intrigue

Moreaux needs someplace safe to keep Marcus. One would think the station would be a safe place, but after getting chewed out by his Chief for not shutting the case down and asking too many questions, Moreaux finds his witness missing. Tyrell Corp is powerful, and now we begin to see how powerful. They own the cops, but we got hints of this in issue 1.

Then Ilora Stahl shows up. We do not know much about her other than her presence radiates power, a power you do not want to cross. Her passive aggressive interrogation of the other scientist makes your skin crawl. She also manages to steal Moreaux’s witness straight from Police headquarters. Of course she just wants to ‘talk’ again. Somehow her ‘talks’ don’t seem to kind.

Enter the missing Replicant. Seems he wants to talk with Marcus Kine as well. He forces the hover car to crash, but his next words really shake things up. He reaches out and says “Marcus, take my hand.” How does the Replicant know Marcus’ name, and why is he trying to ‘save’ him? I think we are seeing Lydia’s actions reach out from beyond the grave. Even in death Lydia may be trying to expose something much larger!

Blade Runner Origins 2 – Living Up To the Name

It may only be two issues so far, but the crew over at Titan comics seems to bring everything ‘Bladerunner’ to life. The intrigue and mystery of the original returns while the art team makes it look and feel like ancient and dreary 2009.

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