The Crow is one of the finest graphic novel adaptations in the history of film. It takes the original work of James O’Barr and made it it’s own. Brandon Lee’s performance as Eric Draven was one for the ages. In the time since that film, there have been plenty of sequels, but in the 2000’s, the film was up for a reboot. Our friends at Bloody Disgusting and their fantastic “Phantom Limbs” series, went into the unmade reboot with two of the people closest to the project. That story was good enough, and went through the development of the failed reboot. But, it gets even better. They scored some concept art of what stars Tom Hiddleston and Luke Evans would have looked like in the famous Crow makeup.

As you can see, both don’t have the almost completely pale white face of Brandon Lee’s version, and the scar is more prominent from the graphic novel. But both choices look absolutely spot on for the character. Tom Hiddleston was the original choice, but had to drop out of the role. So, the filmmakers went to Luke Evans as the next choice.

Check out the rest of their Phantom Limbs article on the making of the reboot, it’s an insightful look into what the film could have been.

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Source: Bloody Disgusting