Well, here we go again, on what will we see on Mark Hamill’s Twitter feed today. Most of you that follow Hamill on Twitter know that we get a little bit of everything. From political tweets to trolling his fans Hamill does a great job keeping us entertained. Well, today he responded to a Tweet from Reverend Matty (@reverendmatty) that just may make you say wow, Luke Skywalker did not do good with seeing things!

As you can see in this Twitter post, Luke Skywalker does seem to have some issues seeing things when he is using technology.

How did it take me so long to notice this?! The entire movie #StarWars is about how Luke Skywalker can’t SEE anything using technology. At the end he turns off his computer, relies on himself, and eyeballs the shot that destroys the scariest technology of all. @HamillHimself

Luke Skywalker Twitter Post
Luke Skywalker looking for Sand People

Hamill’s response about Luke Skywalker is probably the same response that 99 percent of us would have had… “How did I not see this until now?” replied Hamill.

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