The year was 1987, The Simpsons was just a short on the Tracey Ullman Show, everyone learned that you can’t put Baby in the corner, and kids were putting strange monster-looking puppets on their hands. I can remember those cool-looking puppets very well, and if you can’t or not old enough to remember they were called Boglins. These goblin-themed hand puppets made of rubber were used to manipulate speech and facial expressions. Well, now you can relive those memories or make new ones with the new Boglins exclusives at Toynk.

Boglins are Crawling Away from the Swamp and Back into Popularity 

Boglins “the outrageous creatures that come alive in your hands” have made it to!

Originally part of the 1980’s creature craze Boglins have been spotted crawling out of the swampy bog, and back into our hearts. A highly successful top-secret release from TriActionToys in February proved that Boglins are just as popular now as they were back in the day! 

Boglins are hand puppet bog creatures with movable arms and glow-in-the-dark eyes. These fun features encourage imaginative playtime and role-playing games allowing for maximum imagination and creativity. Boglins® moveable arms, mouths, and eyes allow for unlimited realistic expressions that captivate children and adults alike. The puppets are made from premium-quality foam material each 8-inch puppet figure is durable and built to last. 


Each Boglin comes delivered in a prison-like “cage.”

Complete with damaged prison cell bars and warning labels, they are ready to break out of their cages at any moment. These highly collectible boxes are as cool as the Boglins inside.

The three newly released Boglins from TriAction Toys are based on the three original Boglins Drool, Dwork, and Vlobb. They have now become kings and will provide the complete story for three of the seven bog kingdoms. Original Boglins left the swampy bogs a bit of a mystery but each new release will put together a little more of the Boglins Story.


Straight from the swampy bog, that time forgot! Meet the three Boglins Kings:

Meet the terrifying King Vlobb, the Overseer of the Land of Gourch. The King Vlobb hand puppet features a blue design with ghoulish purple and green accents. Be wary of the dreadful King Dwork, the Ruler of the Land of Fergus. King Dwork features a spooky goblin-like green color scheme. Meet the monstrous King Drool, the Reigning King of the Land of Gaul. King Drool features a pale yellow design, along with creepy purple and fluorescent accents.


Each King comes with a different part of the story.

Fans of the original Boglins will be excited to learn more about these three and their bog kingdoms. These kooky retro-collectibles are sure to reignite the nostalgia of the ’80s and ’90s toy craze. 

For a limited time, each Boglins King purchase comes with a FREE Boglins® Red Eye Enamel Pin. The Boglins Red Eye King Drool, King Dwork, and King Vlobb Enamel pins retail for $12.99 each. This offer is valid until supplies last. Pre-order your Boglins now at They are expected to start shipping in mid to late April. Let’s hope their jail cell bars hold strong! 

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