Ever heard of Scarlet Nexus? It’s an upcoming new action RPG game scheduled for release on June 25, 2021. Now it seems that there will also be an anime adaptation at roughly the same time.

Hmm, so World Trigger meets modern day Strike Witches?

Funimation announces that the anime adaptation of Scarlet Nexus will be streaming on their website in Summer 2021. They don’t, however, specify exactly when in summer we’ll see the anime. One source specifies a release date of July 2021. However, there is no official corroboration, so take this bit of news with a grain of salt.

Scarlet Nexus: Game or Anime?

Scarlet Nexus teaser poster, featuring Kasane.
Scarlet is the new black.

Some of you may be wondering what Scarlet Nexus is all about? Well, it’s the upcoming anime adaptation of the equally as upcoming action RPG game of the same name. The game itself is being developed by Bandai Namco Studios. Two of the major developers have actually worked on the Tales series of JRPG games, so that’s a big plus for it.

So. Much. Xenosaga vibes from this.

The anime adaptation of Scarlet Nexus is not being developed by Bandai Namco though. Instead, the studio behind the anime is Sunrise. You may recall that they’re the studio behind Gundam, Cowboy Bebop, My-HiME, Tiger & Bunny, and other great original anime series. They’ve also been responsible for anime adaptations of some really good light novels and manga like Crest of the Stars, Inuyasha, Outlaw Star, Planetes, Gin Tama, and many more. To say that they have a track record for making good anime would be the understatement of the century. It already raises some high hopes for this anime adaptation of Scarlet Nexus. Let’s hope Sunrise meets those expectations.


Scarlet Nexus is getting an anime adaptation. Funimation officially announces that we’ll get to see what it’s all about in Summer 2021, to coincide with the game’s release. Let’s hope Studio Sunrise meets our expectations.

Source: Funimation