With the recent release of Zack Snyder’s Justice League on HBO Max, the DC heroes are riding an all time high wave of love. A little production company by the name of Bat In the Sun Productions decided to release a fan film of everyone’s favorite caped crusader about the same time. Their fan film, Batman – Dying is Easy, sports a stellar cast and takes a close look at one of Batman’s defining relationships. Check it this fan film below:

Batman – Dying Is Easy

This little film supports an amazing cast headlined by Michael Madsen as Harvey Bullock. Joining him are Kevin Porter (Batman), Aaron Schoenke (Joker), Doug Jones (Riddler), and Chris Daughtry (Hugo Strange). Aaron not only took on the role of Joker, but wrote and co-directed with Sean Schoenke.

The Batmobile looks amazing and the make up looks excellent. Killer Croc’s face looks great, you might not believe this is a fan-made film. Aaron does a great job as Joker. Any time he relaxes his face he looks a bit too normal, but when he puts on the ‘angry face’ he becomes a dead ringer for Joker without the need for prosthetics. Michael Madsen as Detective Bullock needs to be done on the big screen.

Dying Is Easy – Simple and Direct

Batman crashes the Mad Hatter’s pad and quickly takes them all out. Two months later Batman and Bullock have a bit of a verbal throw down as they usually do over three missing cops. One other important, little thing. Joker is dying, and he demands to see Batman one last time. The next 15 minutes turns into a verbal chess match between Batman and Joker, befitting their characters. Each knows the other so well, the question becomes who will be the first to make a mistake.

The Schoenke’s do a wonderful job capturing every single one of the Gotham characters and the script focuses down the Batman/Joker relationship to its most bare bones essentials. The one thing that would make this fan film even better were if it came as part of an ongoing series.

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