Disney looks like they’re trying to build up hype for their upcoming Loki Disney+ series. Why else would they release new key art for it now?

New Loki key art.
Loki: Angel of Time?

This new key art features Loki in a very strange light. Figuratively and literally, in this case. There’s a massive clock face behind him in the background, emitting a yellowish-white light from the center. Said light frames his head, giving him an almost angelic appearance. Normally, this would be indication of him being a good guy. Or at least, somewhere within the realm of the good. But, there a catch: this is Loki. As such, who knows what he might do?

The rest of Loki’s appearance seems to be just as contradictory. His prison jumpsuit goes well with the shock collar on his neck, but is definitely clashing with that impromptu halo around his head. But which prison is he in? Well, the TVA logo on the jumpsuit does give us a hint. Ever heard of the Time Variance Authority?

Loki vs. TVA: Place Your Bets!

TVA logo.
Hmm, very blocky. So Stalin.

In the Marvel Universe, the Time Variance Authority is a group responsible for monitoring the timelines of the multiverse. They don’t just watch though. If they find a timeline that they deem to be too dangerous to the multiverse to be allowed to exist, they will go through hell or highwater to delete that entire timeline. Same goes for people who alter the past or future of their respective timelines. They will stop at nothing to arrest the perpetrator, and imprison or execute them as needed.

Scene from Marvel comic showing the time cops of the TVA.
The long arm of the law knows no late date, apparently. No beginning date, either.

Considering that Loki did in Avengers: Endgame, you can bet that he’ll be in the TVA’s sights. As for why they don’t execute him outright for his crimes? Well, we’ll just have to see when the Disney+ series actually launches.


Disney just released new key art of Loki for their upcoming Disney+ series. Said key art features Loki in the most contradictory of lights, in both instances of the term. If you want to see how or if Loki gets out of this time caper, check out the 6-episode series on June 11, 2021 on Disney+.

Source: Disney