The Marksman sounds like your normal Liam Neeson film. That’s not to say it’s going to be bad, or unoriginal, but there are certain films that you see because it’s going to be “Liam Neeson kicking ass for an hour and a half”. That should be a genre at this point, forget just generically calling things Action Movies. I want to know the specific type of action movie. Liam Neeson might be the undisputed king of this though. This, April 27th for Digital, and May 11th for Blu-Ray and DVD, you’ll be able to own The Marksman and see for yourself.

The Marksman

The film follows Jim Hanson, a former Marine turned rancher. He defies the law and all expectations to save a young boy who’s on the run from cartel assassins. The dangerous race against time across America is tense, thrilling, and gripping in the best ways possible. Coming from Robert Lorenz (American Sniper, Mystic River) means that it has more of a pedigree and weight to it, than your normal action thriller. In addition to Neeson, the film stars Katheryn Winnick, Juan Pablo Raba, Teresa Ruiz, and Jacob Perez.

The package also comes with a bit of a bonus feature. Which is better than nothing on a lot of new releases.

Bonus Feature Of The Marksman

THE MAKING OF THE MARKSMAN – Filmmakers and cast discuss the richness of the story and characters, as well as their experiences working with legendary actor Liam Neeson.

This looks like one that might break the chains of just being an action movie, and delve deeper into some nice character work.

Check it out when it releases on Digital and Blu-Ray/DVD.

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