Star Trek fans get ready to go where no Funko has gone before. Today Funko has released their new Star Trek: The Original Series that includes two exclusives from Target and Funko. These Pops are all available now to pre-order except the Funko exclusive which should be available in the near future.

Star Trek Funko

The Funko Star Trek Original Series common Pops will include:

  • The Original Series Captain Kirk in Chair
  • Spock (Mirror, Mirror Outfit)
  • Uhura (Mirror, Mirror Outfit)
  • Kirk (Mirror, Mirror Outfit)
  • Sulu (Mirror, Mirror Outfit)
  • Khan

The Funko Star Trek Original Series Exclusive Pops will include:

  • Gorn with Weapon (Target Exclusive)
  • Spock with a cat (Funko Exclusive) 
Star Trek Funko

The Star Trek common Pops are available now to pre-order at Entertainment Earth and other Pop retailers. The Gorn with Weapon (Target Exclusive) also available to pre-order at The Spock with Cat Exclusive as stated earlier will be available at a later date.

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