Back in February there was a rumor floating around that Aladdin’s Mena Massoud would portray Star Wars character Ezra Bridger in live-action. (You can refresh your recollection on that story HERE.) The Mandalorian Season 2 Set up the possibility of a live-action Ezra in the episode “The Jedi.” It was then when Ahoska Tano made her live-action debut and name-dropped Grand Admiral Thrawn. Thrawn and Ezra, as we know, disappeared into the Unknown Regions in the Star Wars Rebels finale. Massoud is now dropping some serious hints that there may be some truth to the casting rumor.

In a provocative Instagram post yesterday, Mena Massoud just happen to quote the Jedi apprentice in his phot caption. “Just so you know,” the comment reads, “when I escape, I won’t hurt any of you.” That, of course, is an Ezra Bridger line straight out of the show. The young actor using that particular quote surely isn’t a coincidence.

Did Mena Massoud confirm the Ezra Bridger Casting Rumors?

Rahul Kohli; Ezra Bridger; Mena Massaud
Image: Lucasfilm Ltd.

Let’s not go “confirming” Massoud’s casting as one of the few force wilders to survive the post-Order 66 era of Star Wars just yet. After all, rumors ran rampant about casting Ezra Bridger before. According to the Internet, The Haunting of Bly Manor’s Rahul Kholi was going to play the part. He repeatedly fanned the flames of those rumors too. Eventually it got to a point when he had to admit he was teasing. Could Mena Massoud now be following suit?

Rahul Kohli; Ezra Bridger; Star Wars Rebels; Cas Anvar; The expanse
We’ve been teased before – Rahul Kohli posted this side-by-side image of himself and “future Ezra” fan art from @PandoraYoungArt in follow-up tweet to dispel the rumor of his casting. Image: Rahul Kohli/Twitter

As always, until Disney and Lucasfilm confirm, nothing is set in stone. Still, if we’re being honest, Ezra Bridger making an appearance in the Ahsoka series is more than likely. There’s no word on when the series will air, however. Until we get closer to production, we’ll just have to wonder if Lars Mikkelsen and Mena Massoud will indeed portray Thrawn and Ezra, respectively, after all.