It appears that Disney/Lucasfilm has chosen Ruby Cruz to replace Cailee Spaeny in their upcoming Willow Disney+ series. Though, they still haven’t told us why.

Ruby Cruz in Castle Rock.
“Oh, so you’re not telling me why I’m replacing someone else? I guess…”

It appears that after an extensive recasting process for Willow, Lucasfilm has settled on Ruby Cruz (The Lost Boys 2019 pilot, Castle Rock) as the replacement for Cailee Spaeny. Strangely enough, Lucasfilm still hasn’t given us a reason for why they’ve decided to recast the series. All we really have are speculations and rumors when or if Disney/Lucasfilm gives us any official info on the subject. The only official word we have is that Deadline simply reported that “Lucasfilm declined comment”. Thank you, Lucasfilm, for the vague and uninformative reply. I suppose your reply to any future leaks will be “We neither confirm nor deny the content of these leaks”?

Willow Series: The Long-Awaited Sequel?

Willow poster.
That is, assuming that many people even know about this film.

Recasting blues aside, it does actually make me wonder how many people even know what Willow is about? For those of you who don’t: Willow is a 1988 dark fantasy adventure film produced by George Lucas. The film’s plot is actually based off of a story written by Lucas himself, so he practically wrote the story. The story is about a dwarf/halfling magician named Willow Ufgood, who finds a human baby and sets off to find the baby’s family, which kickstarts the whole adventure.

A surprisingly watchable film, despite the low critical reception.

The Willow Disney+ sequel series itself is supposed to take place years after the film itself. In a series, a group of heroes must embark on a quest to rescue a kidnapped prince. One of those heroes is the prince’s twin sister, Kit, who our aforementioned Ruby Cruz plays. She is destined to be the leader and ultimately queen of the land, which is a pretty big weight on her shoulders, really. Still, teh fact that she journeys off to rescue her brother herself does imply that she’d be a fairly good leader. We’ll just have to see when the Willow series finally launches.


Disney and Lucasfilm managed to snag Ruby Cruz to play one of the lead roles of princess of the land in their Willow Disney+ sequel series. No one knows why they replaced Cailee Spaeny in the first place, and neither Disney nor Lucasfilm are talking. We’ll just have to await more news later, whether official or unofficial.

Source: Deadline