After the shocking reveal that Matt is the Green Ranger we get a whole flashback issue of just how this friend of the ranger becomes a full-fledged ally.

5 Weeks Ago

We go back to the fight against the Terrorzord as the rangers are struggling. on the street level Matt tries to save a civilian and at the same time is teleported to Promethea. The ever so cordial Grace goes forgoes the dog and pony show and bluntly asks if Matt wants to help. Everything goes into lock down mode and the first test of the new Green Coin runs without a hitch.

In the next panels, we get the debut fight from Matt’s perspective not knowing how to fight but the coin knows how. He eventually breaks the crystal and the rangers finish off the Terrorzord.

THe Green Ranger: 4 weeks etc., etc.

The rest of the issue deals with Matt coming to terms with his new Green Ranger burden of responsibility. Not being able to tell anyone who he is. Quitting the football team to train at the Promethea instead. But he does get to meet the improved Dragonzord and thank Billy for the chance to be a ranger.

We also get a new perspective that only the Green Ranger can hear the trumpet-flute sounds of the Dragon Dagger. Of course, those 6 very Familiar notes get stuck in his head.

1 week ago

Matt is really struggling with the secrecy of his new gig. He already knows who the rangers are. Why cant it be the other way around? Kimberly gives him her thoughts about the new guy showing up and shes not worried about him.

The Green Ranger, Today

We are finally caught up to the last issue with the Chaos Puttys and Alpha Putty attacking just as the rangers were emergency transported out. Matt goes into a full-on shouting match with Grace about needing to be out there protecting people. He convinces Grace to let him go on TV and annouce that he is the Green Ranger….


This was an ok issue. That being said I appreciated the flashbacks. I don’t think we needed this issue now i would have rather gotten a few more issues in and then flip back to a Green Ranger “origin” story. Even if we waited till after the dome had been destroyed. I’m hoping the follow-up to this thought will have major repercussions.

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