If you’re going to get into a Twitter war over an unsubstantiated casting rumor, perhaps it’s best not to do it with one of the most active Hollywood directors on social media. Nevertheless, that’s exactly what happened yesterday. It seems that one site posted a rumor about casting Adam Warlock in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3. James Gunn, the film’s director, got wind of it however, and was having none if it. He set the Internet ablaze in scathing fashion as he personally, epically shut the rumor down.

The rumor claimed that the GOTG Vol. 3 production was currently casting the character of Adam Warlock, and seeking a “Zac Efron” type actor for the role. Now, Warlock’s likely appearance in the film is no secret, and hasn’t been since James Gunn teased it with a post-credits scene following GOTG Vol. 2. But when it comes to the recent casting rumor? Well, here’s what Gunn had to say:

James Gunn shuts down Adam Warlock rumor

JAmes Gunn; Guardians of the Galaxy
We saw this in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2…. (Image: Marvel Studios)

One would think that would be the end of it, right? Instead, the site doubled down and claimed that they could corroborate their story. (As of yet, the site hasn’t done so.) The director took to Twitter once again in reply:

Every outlet wants to get scoops and exclusives. We get it; we do too. An unfortunate truth is that sometimes we’re not always right. It happens, you post a retraction, and you move on. Going toe to toe with the film’s director, though? James Gunn has a pretty solid reputation of not responding so vehemently unless there really is no basis for the rumor. Plus, he’s usually pretty open to discussing his films. Just recently he confirmed Groot’s future in the franchise in a social media Q&A session. He admitted that “[s]adly that original Groot is no longer with us. So unless there is a prequel of some type, we won’t see him again.”   

So if James Gunn felt strongly enough to shut this rumor down so emphatically, well, you be the judge.