ThunderCats Ho! If you are a ThunderCats collector then you will want to check out the latest release from Super7. Today they have announced that their ThunderCats ReAction Wave 2 Figures are now available to order. Their wave 2 figures will include six new figures, Old Mumm-Ra, Jaga, Snowman of Hook Mountain, Tygra, Monkian, and Grune The Destroyer. These figures will retail for $18 each are available at Here are the official details from Super7.

ThunderCats ReAction Figures Wave 2!

Old Mumm-Ra

ReAction Figures Mumm-Ra

“Wherever Evil exists, Mumm-Ra lives!” His default state may be that of an emaciated mummy, but make no mistake, the shape-shifting demon-priest that is Mumm-Ra is every bit a match for the ThunderCats. This 3.75” articulated ThunderCats ReAction figure of Old Mumm-Ra comes complete with staff accessory. Every story needs a villain- get the Old Mumm-Ra ReAction figure to fill that role in your ThunderCats collection.



Once Lord of the ThunderCats, Jaga sacrificed himself following the fall of Thundera to ensure Lion-O, the remaining ThunderCats, and the Eye of Thundera could make it to Third Earth. This 3.75” articulated ThunderCats ReAction figure of Jaga comes complete with sword accessory. Reserve a place of honor in your collection for the ThunderCats Jaga ReAction figure.

Snowman of Hook Mountain

ThunderCats snowman

One of the ThunderCats strongest and most loyal allies, Snowman of Hook Mountain towers over his foes! This 4” articulated Thundercats ReAction figure of Snowman of Hook Mountain comes complete with helmet and lance accessories. The Snowman of Hook Mountain ReAction figure will be an imposing presence amidst your Thundercats collection!


ReAction Figures Tygra

Lion-O’s trusted second-in-command, Tygra can always be relied upon for sage, level-headed counsel. This 3.75” articulated ThunderCats ReAction figure of Tygra comes complete with bolo whip accessory. Known as the ThunderCat architect, what better way to build out your collection than by adding the Tygra ReAction figure.


ReAction Figures Monkian

Shifty and excitable, Monkian is one of the least trustworthy of the Mutant leaders. This 3.75” articulated ThunderCats ReAction figure of Monkian comes complete with morning star accessory. He’s often the first to run when he senses danger, so don’t monkey around! Snap up the Monkian ReAction figure for your ThunderCats collection before he has a chance to flee!

Grune the Destroyer

Grune ReAction Figures

Once a ThunderCats noble, greed and lust for power turned Grune the Destroyer against his fellow ThunderCats on Thundera. This imposing 3.75” articulated ThunderCats ReAction figure of Grune the Destroyer comes complete with mace accessory. A sworn enemy of Lion-O and his allies, this Grune the Destroyer ReAction figure will be a fearsome addition to your ThunderCats collection.

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