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Is there a cure for cancer in Gotham?  Safiyah is trying to keep the island and the Desert Rose a secret but the forces that be, including The Crows, all want to find it.  Ryan remains untrusting of basically everyone, and continues to hide the Kryptonite injury from her team, but at what cost?  Secrets are revealed, and some history comes to light as the show seems to be getting a more forward moving, linear format in episode #206 of The CW’s Batwoman titled: Do Not Resuscitate.  

Photo: Katie Yu/The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

All Paths Lead to Safiyah

While Safiyah desperately tries to keep secrets from leaving the island, there is one person who knows about a major healthcare breakthrough, Mary.  The antidote she was given for the fear toxin gave her blood the power to cure all the Gotham residents harmed when Alice attacked Gotham.  Not only did it heal everyone from the toxin, however, it cured those infected of all their other health issues, cancer included. 

Due to the power of the antidote that Mary provided, she is now a target by Hamilton scientists to find more information on how to synthesize it.  This results in her kidnapping, along with her fathers’.  Due to their kidnapping, Commander Kane and Mary have some father-daughter moments that have been missing as of late within the show.  This was refreshing, but soon turns south after he learns some secrets Mary and her mother were keeping from him.  Through this there is now someone else who wants the map to Coriana and to find the Dessert Rose.  

Alice is off with Ocean, and they, like so many others, do not see eye to eye most the time.  Alice is trying to figure out why they were on Coriana together, and why they both had their memories erased.  She later, through contact with Ocean helps him see that the memories wiped were only of theirs that were together.  Alice speaks with Safiyah and we learn that Safiyah even sickens Alice, which makes us realize that Alice is not the big bad of the season.  She has been tasked to kill Ocean but their history and flashbacks are making it more difficult.  Ocean also is the only one who has the real map to Coriana.  

Team Batwoman vs. Batwoman

Photo: Katie Yu/The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Ryan Wilder is still dealing with the side effects of the Kryptonite Bullet wound.  After the secrecy of last season and the weapon called the “Bat Killer” it’s nice to get some answers.  But why does Kryptonite harm Ryan?  This episode had a big message about teamwork and how it is the only way to get some tasks done.  Ryan is still not trusting Luke, Mary and the Crows, and while she has good reasons, some jobs require working together, and trust.  Will Ryan and Team Batwoman find a way to work together as a Team, or will she remain trying to be a solo act?  Upon her collapse on the Batcave floor, thankfully Luke finally learns of the injury and she has to confront Luke about her problems.  She doesn’t feel good enough for the suit, and just wants support for him and Mary and everyone. 

Luke is not the only person Ryan must confront in this episode, as she is once again visited by Sophie for information.  We know Sophie is also in search of Coriana and her means of doing so tend to be corrupt.  She asks Ryan for a favor which I will not reveal in this review, but there are always consequences when working with Sophie and The Crows. Sophie’s behavior continues to prove why she is terrible and not able to be redeemed yet.  We also have a few moments between Ryan and her girlfriend Angelique which does help to balance Ryan’s character out a bit and help provide some insight on her character outside the Batsuit.  

Find Some New Tricks

The plot to find Safiyah is finally escalating and giving the show more depth, however, Batwoman still has many flaws.  The biggest problem it has is that we are barely seeing Batwoman.  This episode, we only saw Batwoman twice and both times, it was brief.  The CW should probably have more of the caped crusader in which it gets its title for. Another problem I have with the show currently, is that I love a good, strong, female character. 

I also like independence in a strong character.  What I do not like is making one look strong by pushing away everyone in her life, and refusing help from anyone.  I understand her reasons, but Ryan is hiding a secret from Luke, and Mary that is deadly.  Being a strong, independent woman, does not mean you cannot ask for help from people who want to help you.  That does not settle well with me.  Strength comes in a variety of ways that are not just physical.  This idea is tiresome at this point.  That said, the episode did correct and address this issue later in the episode, but it has been an ongoing problem.  

Kate Kane Should Not Be The Focus

I have said this last bit before, and will probably say it again but what is with all the false hope for Kate Kane being alive?  The plot of pretending that Kate is alive is quite annoying and tedious.  Ryan keeps saying that Luke can’t trust her, but it also seems like maybe The CW does not believe in her fully yet either.  They aren’t letting her carry the show without Kate.  I understand that Kate’s family is grieving and wants answers, but why just prolong the inevitable?  We as viewers know the truth, and the show needs to move past this, and soon. 

the worst character departures are the ones that are drawn out afterwards and leave the potential for a return.  Not everything needs to be “more than it seems”.  Can we just let Batwoman 2.0 be a continuation of season 1 without dwelling so much on the past?  This is not a new problem for the DC/CW shows. It has become a trope that is getting very old.  This is why I’m giving episode six a 3 out of 5 rating.  Let’s hope that the future of Batwoman and for Ryan Wilder is able to tackle this hurdle soon, or it is bound to be a long season.  You can watch Batwoman at 8 PM on Sunday Nights only on The CW, or on Mondays via the CW app or!