You never know what you are going to see Tweeted by Mark Hamill. From politics to memes you get a little of everything. Well if you are like me you probably didn’t know that February 25th was National Toast Day. To celebrate, Twitter user @MarshallJulius posted a tribute on National Toast Day that caught Mark Hamill’s attention.

The post from Marshall Julius showed some custom-made figures of Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru after they met their demise in Star Wars: A New Hope. “Remembering Owen and Beru on #NationalToastDay,” tweeted Julius on National Toast Day. Well, today Mark Hamill replied while retweeting the post with “#TooSoon”.

What are your thoughts on This scene from Star Wars: A New Hope? What have been some of your favorite Mark Hamill tweets? Also, what did you do to celebrate National Toast Day? Well, That Hashtag Show wants to hear from you!

A New Hope

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