That’s right, Ranger-Nation. Our multicolored heroes are back on our TVs for your viewing pleasure! Let’s breakdown this Power Rangers Dino Fury episode and talk about:

“The Good, The Bad, and the Sentai!”

Power Rangers Dino Fury: Destination Dinohenge Recap

Amelia, an intrepid reporter for a trendy internet new source investigates strange happenings around the legendary Dinohenge. When she meets Ollie, an archeologist’s son/assistant also investigating Dinoenge. Abruptly The Void Knight teleports down looking for a power source.

He then blasts a hole in the ground to what seems to be an ancient spaceship under Dinohenge. Void Knight attacks the lone crew member, a cyborg dino known as Solon. Solon tries to wake the Red Ranger out of stasis. But is attacked and saved by Ollie who grabs one of the sabers mounted on the wall. Solon wanted the rangers to use the ship’s guard known as Hendgemen but Void Knight intercepted the power key and takes control of them.

This episode of Power Rangers Dino Fury sees a great civilian fight. During, Amelia also grabs a saber and they both morph into POWER RANGERS. Solon was finally able to wake the red ranger out of stasis and he dispatches the majority of the hendgemen. not before Void Knight can get ahold of the power source he was searching for called the Sporix. During the battle, the Red Ranger accidentally set the Sporix free unleashing them on the city.

Power Rangers Dino Fury

After Void Knight and the Hengdemen clear out the Rangers morph only to find out that the Red Ranger, Zayto, is an Alien. Zayto explains his tragic backstory and how he’s been in stasis for 65 Million years. Now that Amelia and Ollie are also Rangers. It’s time to train!

The Good

  • The introduction of the characters and a small bit of their background gives a great jumping-off point.
  • The Pacing was great it felt like there were no slow spots!
  • 99% of American Footage! Yep with the exception of the opening and Zayto’s flashback with all the zords. This was almost all American footage!
  • The Rangers aren’t high school teens!
  • We get the Morphing Masters! (A once throwaway line now made canon on tv, the comics are a different story)
  • Hiding the CLUNKY morphers in sleek-looking smart watches!

The Bad

  • The Pacing yes it’s on both lists as the could have easily been an hour-long premiere! The episode was over before it felt like it started.
  • We get the same familiar character tropes.
  • I could obviously see pages taken out of both Power Rangers in Space and Power Rangers Lost Galaxy
  • Showing the 6th ranger so early! Besides, how did a Mosasaurus get in the middle of a forest? I’m asking for a friend.
Power Rangers Dino Fury

The Sentai In Power Rangers Dino Fury

  • Like I said we only got really one scene from the Sentai series in Zayto’s flashback. I was a bit disappointed that it really showed off a lot of the upgrades that are coming down the road.
  • Also, the Dino Dagger is not from Ryusoulger. Safe to say we will be seeing a toy from Hasbro in the near future.
  • Much like the source material the show starts off with the Red, Blue, and Pink Rangers. I’m hopeful we get a few episodes with just them before they introduce the Green and Black sibling Rangers.

As a whole, this being Hasbro and Entertainment One’s first outing together producing Power Rangers. You can tell that the production value is top-notch! I hope that they didn’t ring out the Morphing Grid just for this episode and keep it up throughout the series.

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