The term EDM is as broad as the term heavy metal these days. You have tons of different splits in the sub-genres but they all really lead back to one place. Daft Punk. Like that description or not, you cannot deny their power and force in the genre. If it’s not “Get Lucky”, then it’s “One More Time”, or “Around The World”. They have so many recognizable songs that even normal people who aren’t superfans of the group, could recognize. So it pains me to say that at least this form of Daft Punk is gone.

The two creative forces in the group are Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo. They’ve long covered their faces with their trademark robot masks, and that’s no different in their final appearance. Knowing the two of them though, they’ll likely be back in other ventures, perhaps even together. “Touch” off their final album Random Access Memories plays over a sunset/rise and we’re off.

The two of them have famously mocked and lampooned musical and business conventions in the industry, so this could just be another in that line.

The New “I Was Totally There” Concert

The duo’s performance at the 2006 edition of Coachella is likely one of the, if not the, most important live shows for Electronic music. Their music combined with their stage set-up paved the way for thousands of other DJ’s to play electronic music live. So when someone brings this concert up, it’s approximately 1000% more likely that someone says “Yeah I was there in 2006”.

That concert combined with their mass success, including the wonderful soundtrack to Tron: Legacy, sent them into the stratosphere that culminated in Random Access Memories. They won Album of the Year from the Grammy Awards in 2014. It was a fitting sendoff for Daft Punk. Outside of that and a few tracks with The Weeknd, they’ve kept quiet up until today. We’ll have to see if the two continue to make music together or what. For now, we can just appreciate the music that they’ve made and the memories that they’ve given to people.

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