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THS Rumor Watch: Jennifer Lawrence Joins Marvel’s Fantastic Four

The Daily Telegraph via The Daily Mail is reporting that Jennifer Lawrence has been cast as Sue Storm in the upcoming Fantastic Four film for Marvel. Now with rumors like this, we have to wait until a more reputable or official source reports on them. What we can do is speculate on the rumor and what it means for the MCU going forward. Jennifer Lawrence, depending on who you ask, was either great or terrible as Mystique in the Fox X-Men movies.

Many fans wanted and still want, Emily Blunt and John Krasinski as Sue Storm and Reed Richards. This might throw a wrench in those plans. The source comes stating that the film is beginning production in Australia (the land of COVID-19 era filming). Now this doesn’t mean that it’s beginning production any time soon though. The director of the Fantastic Four film, Jon Watts, is busy at work with Spider-Man 3. So maybe they’re filming back to back, but that’s unlikely.

Whatever it means, it’s a rumor at this point, so we can speculate, but we cannot confirm until something more solid comes out about this.

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Source: The Daily Telegraph

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Mr. Fantastic (Idris Elba)
Sue Storm (Halle Berry)
Ben Grimm (Dwayne Johnson/The Rock)
Johnny Storm. Drawing a blank

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