Some fans who rushed to stream the latest episode of WandaVision when it dropped found themselves disappointed. Disney+ apparently suffered a brief outage, preventing users from hitting play.

Downdetector, which monitors web outages, showed a spike in problems with the streaming platform last night. While we don’t have the viewing figures to definitively say the Marvel mystery led to the outage, the issues happened around midnight Pacific time. That’s the exact time new episodes of WandaVision go live, so it seems reasonable to think an influx of viewers could have temporarily crashed Disney+. 

Unsurprisingly, people who waited up to watch the new WandaVision episode weren’t too happy about the outage.

According to Deadline, the platform “went down for a limited number of subscribers for around 10 minutes.” So most users should have been able to dive into WandaVision without a huge delay. The things we do to beat the spoilers, huh?

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