So it appears that a new Star Wars game simply called Hunters has been announced for the Nintendo Switch. Along with this announcement, we even have a short trailer. And when I say “short”, I do mean it.

Still more impressive than that Pokemon Unite trailer, even if it’s about as informative.

According purely to this 26-seconds long trailer, Star Wars: Hunters doesn’t have much going for it. Sure, you get a brief tour through what looks like Jabba the Hutt’s palace, but that doesn’t tell us anything. The ending of the trailer reveals that Zynga and NaturalMotion will be developing the game in cooperation with Lucasfilm Games, which does hint at its nature.

However, in the video description, it does reveal a few key details about the game. Apparently, Star Wars: Hunters will be a “squad-based, free-to-play arena game”. And that it will come to Nintendo Switch sometime in 2021. Nothing more specific than that, I’m afraid.

Another Free-to-Play Star Wars Game?

Star Wars: Hunters logo.
When your goal is to reveal as little details as possible to avoid the backlash.

A Star Wars freemium squad-based arena game. Hunters is starting to sound awfully familiar. It sounds almost like Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, don’t you think?

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes logo.
Puts a whole new spin on Clone Wars, doesn’t it?

I mean, I could be wrong. The fact that Star Wars: Hunters is on the Nintendo Switch does suggest that it will have much better graphics. The trailer also seems to imply that it might be a third-person game, which would already be a considerable improvement. However, the core details seems to suggest that Hunters will be an attempt to compete with EA‘s Galaxy of Heroes. Will be successful? We don’t know. We’ll just have to wait for more details from Nintendo later.


Star Wars: Hunters for Nintendo Switch just got a really short trailer. Said trailer basically told us nothing about the details of the game (aside that it’s from the creators of FarmVille), and the core details are in the video description. Said description describes it as a squad-based, free-to-play arena combat game, and that’s all we got. Well, aside from the 2021 release date, but that’s a bit too vague.

Source: Nintendo