With this week’s Future State titles, we get the conclusion of Diana’s story in Immortal Wonder Woman 2. Atreyu failed and the Nothing has consumed the universe. Okay, technically they call it the Undoing because the Nothing was taken in Neverending Story, but it’s exactly the same thing. Aren’t trademarks a bitch. The Undoing consumed the universe and now Diana drifts along, alone, looking for anyone, any thing.

I am really torn on this issue, more than any other in the Future State line up. Diana drifts alone in an empty non-universe. The issue turns into page after page of her whining and lamenting her position. I guess we all would, but after a dozen pages it gets rather old. That, sadly, encompasses almost all of the issue. It just turns into too much.

Immortal Wonder Woman 2 – Endings

At one point in her melancholy drifting, Diana recalls the end of Kal-El, Superman. This memory came off as touching, given the way it ends. Darkseid knew the end approached, but he could do nothing. Instead of ceasing to exist on his ‘throne’ he goes after Superman.

Diana tries to help, but cannot match up to Darkseid’s powers. A very old and gray Superman battles Darkseid until he has no choice but to drive the battle into the sun itself. The sun explodes and the Man of Steel vanishes with it. His cape is the cape she wears throughout this issue, the last vestiges of Kal-El.

She knows someone has to exist out there. Otherwise why would she still be left? At long last she runs into Spectre who waited for the someone he knew remained to find him. Spectre’s existence centers on vengeance, but no one exists to seek vengeance any more. Diana helps him let go and fade away once and for all. Diana, last of the Amazons, stands alone in an empty nothing.

Immortal Wonder Woman 2 – Beginnings

This last section of Diana’s story is the redemption of the whole. The undoing approaches and begins to consume her. Diana begins to fade away and surrender to the end of existence, but that’s not our Princess. Diana never gives up. This will not be the ending of the daughter of Zeus.

A spark begins to grow within Diana. Hope fights back and she turns her will to survival, not resignation. The light grows. Her powers grow, as does her will to continue. With a clash of her bracelets, light flares into the universe once. A universe, a galaxy is born anew with the light of Diana’s hope.

I really liked this last part. While it is a bit cheesy, it does speak to the power of hope on many different levels. It echoes the monologue Diana gives earlier in the issue about the difference between dreams and hope. “And they would look to the stars and dream again. Of hope, and truth, and justice.”

Immortal Wonder Woman 2 – Nubia, Queen of the Ring

Nubia seems to have the John Cena problem in her comics. Cena in his matches would always get to the brink of defeat, but dig deep to find a way to defeat his opponents. Every. Single. Match.

Nubia does exactly this. Grail summons Circe to remove Nubia’s tiara because only magic can defeat magic. Circe nears success, but Nubia unlocks her powers and defeats the villains. Just like Cena. So, Nubia might not be for everyone.

If you like Nubia you will likely enjoy this story, but if you do not know Nubia, it will read hollow and boring.

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