It’s the end of an era. Supernatural may have finished its television run, but the Winchesters can live on in your home collection. Supernatural: The Complete Series is headed to DVD and Blu-Ray.

The longest-running genre series in US television history spans 15 seasons. If you’ve been collecting Supernatural DVDs from the beginning, you can purchase just the 15th and final season on its own. Or, spring for the complete collection: all 327 episodes.

Check out the details for each release below.

Supernatural: The Fifteenth and Final Season

Supernatural Season 15

The Fifteenth Season collection includes the final 20 episodes of Supernatural, as well as a bonus disc with over two hours of special features. Price: $44.98 DVD, $49.99 Blu-Ray (includes digital copy)

Bonus Features:

  • Supernatural: The End of the Road (New)
  • Supernatural: Family Don’t End in Blood (New)
  • Gag Reel (New)
  • Deleted Scenes (New)
  • 2019 Comic-Con Panel
  • Winning Baby: A Supernatural Giveaway
  • Winchester Mythology: Midwestern Heroes
  • Supernatural: The Long Road Home – Special Retrospective Episode

Supernatural: The Complete Series

Supernatural: The Complete Series

The Complete Series includes all 327 episodes of the series, plus bonus features spanning all 15 seasons.

The collection also includes a 68-page Collectible Book featuring new images, set designs, and letters to fans from Eric Kripke and Robert Singer. Price: $329.99 DVD, $$359.99 Blu-Ray.

Both the Fifteenth Season and the Complete Series will be available for purchase May 25.

Now the only question I have left is what the subtitles on this release have to say about Castiel’s final confession…

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Source: WB