This week amongst the Future State titles we get the conclusion of Kara Zor-El Superwoman 2. When I picked up the first issue, I initially thought it looked very child like with its water color stylings and the story came across very whiny. As I read it, though, the actual message of the comic began to emerge and I found myself loving it. It still rates as one of my top Future State titles, so how does one follow up an issue like that?

The answer appears to be more of the same apparently. Lynari’s enemies came for the jewel inside her and its powers, but Kara stepped up to protect her. Lynari’s “aunt” spins a woe-is-me tale to try and make Kara step down. What they did was the right thing, but Kara of course chooses to protect her little protégé. Kara summons her full power and rage in an attempt to save her moon fortress, but Lynari steps in and keeps Kara from doing something beyond her beliefs. Lynari transforms into her normal form, and then steals Kara’s powers to use against her kin.

Now this is where the Superwoman story deviates from the normal comic mantra. Normally, at this point a massive fight erupts between good and evil, full of destruction and danger. Superwoman instead goes the other way. Instead of a knock-down, drag-out fight, we get a mental game between Lynari and her kin.

Superwoman 2 – Too Much of a Good Thing

Instead of the fists, out come the speeches and monologuing about a better life, a life of meaning and sharing. Lynari lectures her kin and then summons a power surge that destroys not only the crystal within her, but all of their powers. Even Kara loses her powers for a time.

Thus ensues the love and peace and togetherness message. It grows long, boring and heavy handed, but in the end – it is a good message. The theme of the title stays consistent, they just did not need to lay it on as thick as they did. Of course the story ends a testimonial to the legacy of Kara’s beliefs of peace and harmony as they end with a panel of Kara and Krypto’s grave stones.

This really is not a bad issue, they just got a bit heavy handed with the message. As a stand alone read it doesn’t work so well, but grab issues 1 and 2, sit down and read them as one story. Excuse the excessiveness and together they still make up a wonderful story overall , especially in this day and age.

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