This week in the Future State series we get the second and final half of the Jon Kent/Yara Flor saga in Superman Wonder Woman 2. When we last left our heroes they had an issue with a couple of stars. No, not anyone from Hollywood. Solaris and Kuat. One is a red sun while the other is a sun god. The red sun drains Superman’s powers, while Wonder Woman can’t exactly overpower a star god.

It’s a good thing the people in question are Yara and Jon. Together they find a way to out-think the problem they cannot beat straight away. Of course anything with Yara will be good, but when foiled by Jon’s innocence she becomes even more endearing. These two make a wonderful pair.

Yara finds an answer for Solaris at the Fortress of Solitude. This in turn allows Jon to regain his strength from the yellow sun and beat Kuat in a race. Just another day’s work for these two, but the real magic in this story comes from Jon and Yara.

When Jon returns to the Fortress, Yara has trashed the trophy room and is attempting to ride the moon horse which she deems “the headless mule ridden by the moon, but damn the beast is a pain to ride, and he will not be bridled.” Forget the fact HE is a SHE. Jon in turn represents the true heart. Yara ridicules him for launching a black hole gun at a black hole to keep it from swallowing a planet. No big deal right? It wouldn’t be except he needs to do it EVERY day before 1030a to save the planet.

Superman Wonder Woman 2 – Fresh New Team

The fight with the gods aside, the ending shows the fun and magic Yara and Jon could have with an ongoing series. Yara steps up and tells Jon to take time off for himself. While Jon does this, he does it by bringing breakfast to Yara at the fortress. They sit together, enjoying breakfast, on an iceberg. Fiery disposition meets calm waters. An ongoing series with these two might be fun to follow.

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