Disney+ recently released episode 5 of WandaVision. I truly hope most of the haters can be satisfied now because the show has definitely picked up the pace with clues dropping left and right. For the first time I felt the “tv show” gimmick didn’t work very well, but I think it’s because the whole set up is falling apart. It’s not supposed to feel right anymore. After episode 5, arrows, signs, signals and all the neon flashing lights point to one conclusion. This makes me stop and ask, are we going the wrong way?

I watch a lot of Jurassic Park movies. Between those and your typical mystery movie, one thing becomes very clear. You never worry about what you see in front of you. It’s what’s behind you that you need to worry about. In this latest episode S.W.O.R.D. repeatedly says Wanda is the cause of the problem. The director (a total dick) calls Wanda the ‘victimizer’. We watch Wanda continually influence and change what happens around her, but there are too many things that just do not add up. She may be a part of events, but is she truly the master?

Wrong Way – Control. You Must Learn Control.

Yoda chastised Luke Skywalker for his lack of control in Empire Strikes Back. I think if Yoda were present in WandaVision he would be doing the same to Wanda. We assume Wanda controls the television world – the people, the clothing, the cameras, etc. She seems to influence them a great deal, but if she truly controls Westview I ask – Why are there so many thing she DOESN’T control?

Vision died. We saw his body and Wanda stealing it, but if he is dead, how is Wanda reanimating it? If she truly does control the animation, why can she not control Vision himself? Vision talks and acts exactly like Vision would. This episode he openly fights with and opposes Wanda. Why can’t she control him if she truly controls Westview?

The children. We see them as babies when the episode starts.. Wanda tries her magic on them to stop the crying, but it does nothing to them at all. Then we watch then morph not once but twice into older children (once to 5 then to 10). Wanda is completely taken aback by this and pleads with them later in the episode not to do it again. Why can’t she control them? These cannot be children controlled like the town folk, or her influence would control them at whim.

Wrong Way – Not Everyone’s From Westview

Through Monica, S.W.O.R.D., and Vision’s actions at work, we find out the people of Westview are under mental control. Again, everything points to Wanda, but I’m not ready to sign off on that just yet. Someone controls them. We see Wanda rewind scenes when things begin to slip, but if she controls everyone, how does Monica slip the control? While they never finish their sentences, several townspeople talk as if they know of things happening in real life.

Vision, Agnes and Wanda
Agnes hides a secret

In this episode, Agnes comes over at the beginning of the episode. She offers to help with the crying children, but Vision becomes overprotective and refuses the help. Agnes steps back and asks if they should start over from the top. How does she know this is a television set up? Then why does Vision realize that Agnes response is wrong? Agnes may be more than she seems.

Wrong Way – What to Watch For

I think Wanda is finding control of the situation. I do not think she started this fantasy; However, I think she doesn’t care to leave it either. This girl has suffered. Her parents were killed. Her brother was killed, and then she killed her boyfriend only to watch Thanos reverse time and murder him.

As her complicity rises, I think we may be seeing the next villain in the movies. Scarlet Witch is one of the most powerful mutants in the the MCU. She alters reality itself and the title of the Doctor Strange movie is Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Either way she will play a major role in events to come. Could the ‘new Quicksilver’ be her savior?

Agnes means business. The ease in which she ducks in and out of scenes, and maintains her individuality means she wields a great deal of power. Many theorize her real name is Agatha Harkness, an extremely powerful witch. This theory fits a lot of elements in play.

A show like this make sure you look where the evidence is not pointing.