Ghostbusters will work with YouTube to bring you free episodes of The Real Ghostbusters. Looks like they’re trying like mad to build up hype back for the franchise in time for Afterlife. Well, I’m not complaining.

Animated Ghostbusters…I’m down for it.

According to their Twitter post, Ghostbusters will release the first episode of The Real Ghostbusters on their YouTube channel starting this weekend. Presumably, they’ll release subsequent episodes over the following weeks. And the best part? They’ll stream these episodes for free. You won’t have to pay a cent to watch Peter Venkman and the others fool around on a Saturday morning cartoon.

How Real Are These Ghostbusters, Anyway?

The Real Ghostbusters, volume 1.
They seem a bit…different than they were on the live screen.

Yes, that’s right. Back in 1986, someone thought that the movies would make a great Saturday morning cartoon show. Hence, why The Real Ghostbusters exists. It actually ended up being pretty popular, despite how much more silly the characters and plot were. I mean, there had to be a reason why the show ran on for 7 seasons, totaling 140 episodes, not counting shorts.

A still scene from The Real Ghostbusters.
Aside from kinda-sorta serving as a sequel to the movies, that is.

The Real Ghostbusters even managed to spawn a sequel in the form of Extreme Ghostbusters. While it wasn’t as successful as the original cartoon, it still managed to get a single 40-episode season all to itself. Given that it targets older teens, it seems to even have its fair share of fans. Especially for the focus on horror.

Extreme Ghostbusters logo.
Don’t let the bright colors here fool you.

It’s unclear if YouTube will also stream Extreme Ghostbusters alongside The Real Ghostbusters though. If they don’t though, there’s always the paid option. Hulu streams the series, so if you happen to have a Hulu account, you can check it out there.


YouTube will stream free episodes of The Real Ghostbusters right on the official Ghostbusters channel. The first episode will stream this weekend, which means either February 6 or 7. If you’re interested in seeing some animated busters busting some ghosts before Afterlife finally launches, check it out then.

Source: Ghostbusters