There’s a meme floating around the interwebs that shows Mickey Mouse carrying a bucket to an emaciated cow, labeled “Star Wars,” with the intent of getting every last, possible drop of milk from the overburdened animal. The meme might be funnier if, well, it wasn’t so spot on. Case in point: Mattel has released yet another Grogu toy, this time being The Child Real Moves plush. We would otherwise roll our eyes at the seemingly obvious Grogu cash grab, but…. Okay, this one is actually cute. And fun.

The Child Real Moves; Star Wars; Mandaloriain
Image: Mattell

We first told you about the toy from The Mandalorian when it was announced for pre-order back in October of last year. This version of Grogu “is designed with several interactive features, to follow fans, play hide and seek, and respond to a remote control that’s conveniently sized for children and adults.” Yes, you read that right. Now you, just like Din Djarin, can play hide and seek with little Grogu in your own home. The Child Real Moves plush designer Denise Wong recently spoke to about the Star Wars toy’s development and design.

The Child Real Moves plush is… kinda cute

The Child Real Moves; Star Wars
Image: Mattell

“There were two key priorities when it came to model-making for this special toy,” Wong says with respect to creating The Child Real Moves toy. “[B]ring The Child to life, and keep the features true to the show.” Recreating the movements of a multi-million dollar animatronic puppet in a $59.99 toy, however, was no easy feat:

Overall, it took a lot of trial and error. We must have tested over 10 different ways of balancing and off-balance between the main body, head and the base…. Our first focus was making sure that we capture the details of the motions, like the way that the Child wobbles when he walks, and how his hand will shake when he lifts it up into the Force position.”

The Child; Star Wars; The Mandalorian;  Grogu
Image: Mattell

So, if you don’t already have a Grogu to your name, or want to add one more to your collection, The Child Real Moves plush could be a lot of fun. Just don’t, you know, chase the cat with it or anything.

The Child Real Moves plush is available now at retailers like Target.