Gone are the days when we used to be able to blame the genre on a lack of award nominations. And let’s be honest; Is science fiction fun and entertaining? Of course. But, for a long period of time, it wasn’t exactly producing the type of entertainment that rose to award-worthiness. Then along came The Mandalorian. The live-action Star Wars series scooped up seven, yes, seven awards at the last Emmys. So that should have paved the way for a show like The Expanse to get the recognition it deserves at this years’ Golden Globes, right? Guess again.

The Expanse; Golden Globes;
Marco Inaros turned the dram up tenfold in Season 5 of The Expanse. (Image: Amazon Studios)

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association released its nominees for Golden Globes and there wasn’t even a glance in the direction of The Expanse, the series based on the James S. A. Corey novels of the same name. Was it because it’s a science fiction series? Nope. See The Mandalorian, above. You can’t even say it was because the season didn’t start until December. So why the snub, especially given what the show’s fifth season had to offer?

Golden Globes inexplicably snub The Expanse

The Expanse Season 5; Golden Globes
Amos returns to Earth in Season 5 of The Expanse. (Image: Amazon Studios)

Over the course of its five seasons thus far, The Expanse has earned critical acclaim for it’s drama, acting, and basis in real science. In fact, it’s no stretch to say it’s one of the smartest shows on television. This season depicted the Nemesis Games storyline from the novels and the deeply emotional and dramatic undertones that came with it. That The Mandalorian garnered a Golden Globes nod for best drama, and the Amazon Prime Video series didn’t? As much as I love Star Wars, I can’t say I agree with that decision at all.

Likewise, Season 5 of The Expanse gave us two of the best, most emotional performances by leading or supporting ladies we’ve seen in recent times. Dominique Tipper’s portrayal of Naomi Nagata (even if the subplot did drag on a bit) should have easily earned some award attention. The same goes for Cara Gee’s performance this season. She played through the turmoil, emotional or otherwise, that her character Camina Drummer faced with perfection. She also did it while nearly coming full-term on her pregnancy. Yet…. Crickets when it came time to hand out Golden Globes for leading or supporting actress.

The expanse Season 5
Drummer faces more of her own demons and battles in Season 5.
(Image: Amazon Studios)

I suppose it doesn’t matter, but …

At least there’s some solace in the fact that these awards, while I’m sure fun to receive, don’t mean all that much in the grand scheme of things. After all, The Shape of Water won an Oscar for Best Picture. I mean, have you seen that movie? I have, and it was 123 minutes of my life I’ll regrettably never get back. Still, it would have been nice to see The Expanse, or at least Tipper or Gee, get some well-deserved recognition at the Golden Globes.