This week from the Future State line-up we get Wonder Woman 2. In the first issue we met Yara Flor. She does not replace Diana Prince, but instead takes up the Wonder Woman mantle down in South America. She easily jumped out as my favorite new character in Future State. After Wonder Woman 2, she cements that position and this title jumps to the top of the pile for my favorite Future State comic so far.

Yara Can go to Hell. No. Literally. She traveled to Hell with the goddess Ciapora in search of a lost warrior. At fist I thought she meant to retrieve the soul of Diana Prince and return her to the land of the living, but instead we find out its a fellow Amazon named Potira.

The thing I love about Yara is the brashness and bull-headed determination that also comes with a wicked sense of humor. A great example of this comes at the beginning of the story. While trying to catch the ferryman to cross the river Styx, Yara must outrun Cerebus, the three headed dog. To solve the problem, she uses her bolo lasso to rip the arm off the ferryman. She then waves the bone arm in front of Cerebus and tosses it. Only Yara would play fetch with a hellhound.

Wonder Woman 2 – Depth of Story

Beyond Yara’s winning personality, this issue tells a wonderful story. we not only learn Potira’s name, but the story of how she ended up in Hell to begin with. Yara and Potira fought in a battle, and Yara saves Potira from falling from a cliff. With the strength of the Amazons, one would think pulling a fellow warrior up would not be a problem, but Potira faces a Kobyashi Maru (No-win) scenario. A soldier charged Yara from behind, and Potira saw him coming. In order to save Yara, Potira lets go and pushes off the cliff. She chucks her spear into the man’s face and falls to her death, saving Yara’s life.

For there the tale gets even better – and more tragic. The two Amazons fight their way through Hell, but in a cave-in Potira becomes trapped under some rocks. Yara refuses to leave her behind again, but Yara’s fellow Amazons reach down and pull Yara free. Potira understands she must sacrifice herself once more so Yara can live.

While Yara cries over losing Potira’s loss again, the writers give a nice voice over from Ciapora. She talks about the growth of a hero and their stories. We even get a quick Cameo from Jerry, Yara’s pegasus with an attitude like R2-D2.

Wonder Woman 2 – A Bright Future, I Hope…

Come March, the DC Universe is supposed to return to some semblance of normal. The events of Future State will not entirely disappear, but it will not be the dominant force anymore. All mantles will return to their rightful owners. We do not know what new characters will find new life in the new DCU, but Yara’s story needs to continue.

I have been a long time Wonder Woman title reader, but lately the stories have gotten lazy and a bit boring. Yara brings new life to the Wonder Woman role, and she brings a much needed sense of humor back into the fold. By all means keep Diana around, but Yara’s story needs to continue!

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