If you’re a Star Wars gamer, then the last couple of years (and this upcoming one!) have been remarkable. New, mainstream games like Jedi: Fallen Order and Star Wars Squadrons have won acclaim from players and critics alike. The new Skywalker Saga game from LEGO looks like it’s going to have all the characters, and we do mean all. Lucasfilm Games is going gangbusters. And we even hear that Knights of the Old Republic is getting an updated reboot, too. With all this Star Wars gaming fervor, we’re making the case that it’s also time to reboot and update one of the best games of all: Shadows of the Empire.

Shadows of the Empire

There is no question that the nineties were a good time for Star Wars. Even if there were no movies to see, we still had the Thrawn trilogy, for starters. Then came the multi-media campaign for Shadows of the Empire. Lucasfilm simultaneously released the game and novel of the same name. The novel remains one of the most popular EU (“Legends”) stories of all time. It’s also one of the few Legends stories that could easily fit into the new canon.

Shadows of the Empire; Star Wars; Lucasfilm Games

The game, however, was and remains so popular that in 2019 Limited Run Games even brought the N64 version back in its original cartridge form.  Can you image how much more amazing the game could be with today’s technology?

Is it time for Lucasfilm Games to reboot Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire?

The story and the game are two of my favorites in all of Star Wars. And yes, there’s an argument to be had that we should stop tinkering with the original works. (Maclunkey, anyone?) But, in this case, a newer, updated version of Shadows of the Empire wouldn’t have the same effect. The original would still remain in all its 320 x 240 resolution glory. And come on: who doesn’t want to see Dash Rendar in modern action?

Dash Rendar; Shadows of the Empire; Star Wars

Maybe there could even be a sequel game, since Lucasfilm Games is entering into a whole new era itself, after all.  Besides, we know from the original game’s conclusion that Rendar did escape into hyperspace before the blast that destroyed Prince Xizor. (Just sayin’.) Come on, Lucasfilm Games. Give us an updated Dash, and let us return to the world of Shadows of the Empire. Make it happen.