Michael Schenker has been an inspiration and has had his hand in creating the careers of thousands of guitarists out there. So normally when a band or artist is celebrating fifty years in the business, they don’t put out work that really pushes their previous material. It’s kind of just putting it out to put it out. With MSG’s case, his new album Immortal definitely doesn’t follow that track. While it’s a celebration of the career of Michael Schenker, it’s no nostalgia tour. You can watch the video for his song “In Search Of The Peace Of Mind” below.

It’s definitely a more classic sounding song, that hearkens back to his days in the Scorpions, but that’s because it was his first musical composition that he ever wrote. Here’s what Schenker had to say about it.

In Search Of The Peace Of Mind’ had to be my 50th-anniversary celebration song. It means so much to me because it was my very first musical composition I wrote at the age of 15. And it was also the first song I had ever put on a record, also at the age of 15.

The musical journey of Michael and his role in shaping and creating how the metal guitarist is seen, is indispensable. You can order the record from Nuclear Blast, here. The Earbook and picture disc vinyl copies are all sold out, but you can still get the regular and colored vinyl. So make sure to grab a copy! MSG is going out on tour later this year with Doro in the UK and alone in other parts of Europe!

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