Did you know that Babylon 5 recently got a remaster? Before, the show was only available on iTunes and Amazon Prime. Now, HBO Max subscribers can see this sci-fi classic for themselves.

Ah, there’s no school like old school.

The great J. Michael Straczynski, the creator of Babylon 5, posted this bit of news himself. Apparently, he’s just as excited as the rest of us fans about the show traveling to HBO Max. It’s interesting that he notes that this is the first time the show is on a major platform in many years. Apparently, Amazon Prime and iTunes Store don’t quite count as major platforms. Eh, oh well. It’s an opinion.

Babylon 5 Launches Into Action Again!

Playing “Spot the Differences” here looks fun.

So what did Babylon 5‘s remaster improve? Well, from the looks of it: everything. The lines look less blurry, although I kind of miss those purely out of nostalgia. The colors and lighting look much brighter, so it doesn’t look like everything is in dim lighting all the time. Even the colors look different compared to how they looked back then. It actually results in some colors looking a bit…off, compared to the original.

Babylon 5 remaster comparison.
How many differences can you spot here?

But hey, at least the shiny stuff in Babylon 5 actually looks shiny now. You know, instead of looking like shiny stuff in a dark room? The CGI during the space scenes also looks a bit better, with the lines being clearer, the lighting being brighter, and stuff like that. It’s not as dramatic as the live-action parts, but it is noticeable.

Babylon 5 herself.
Slightly better CGI is better than unaltered CGI, I guess.


Babylon 5‘s remaster just traveled to HBO Max. Now you can watch all 5 seasons, totaling 110 episodes plus 6 TV films, of this legendary sci-fi series on the streaming service. Even better, it’s in higher quality than what you got on TV and DVD, so you can now enjoy the better visuals on a service other than iTunes and Amazon Prime. Just imagine that the station’s cameras got an upgrade, and you’re all set.

Source: JoBlo.com