The announcements keep coming after the reveal of Lucasfilm Games. After it’s genesis the other day and the announcement of an Indiana Jones game from Bethesda, now we know that Ubisoft is taking a crack at Star Wars. From their official Twitter, Lucasfilm Games is partnering with Massive Entertainment, the creators of the Division games. Lucasfilm Games posted a new interview with Douglas Reilly, the VP of the company speaking about the plans for the new studio.

LucasArts used to be the gold standard for licensed video games. Their work in point and click games like Secret of Monkey Island and Grim Fandango moved the needle for storytelling in video games. Without them, we might not have the more cinematic stylings of recent games. Which is why it’s exciting that they’re working with other AAA game studios and publishers to get games out. The partnership with EA on Star Wars wasn’t a horrible failure like most make it out to be. However, where there’s competition, there’s innovation. So the more companies working on these games, the better.

What exactly this means for Massive Entertainment’s game is unclear. They’ve made the fantastic Division series, which would translate very well to a Star Wars license. We’ll have to see when it’s announced what they’re working on.

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Source: Lucasfilm Games Twitter