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Comic Book Review: Future State Robin Eternal 1

This week from DC comics we get another Future State Bat-title with Robin Eternal 1. This issue only contains Robin’s story, so it feels more focused than many of the other titles that split their pages between stories. It continues the Future State storyline of the Magistrate controlling Gotham, and of course, our Boy Wonder attempts to fight back, but the problem is the backup – there is none. The events of Death Metal fractured the Bat-family terribly. New faces and old continue the fight, but they no longer have each other.

Now the big question should be obvious, but with Future State maybe not so much. Who is Robin? Quite honestly, it’s the only person it should be – Tim Drake. They do not give Tim’s age, but he looks the part of the seasoned warrior in his prime. Tim always liked technology and this new Robin uses a cloaking device to help hide from the Magistrate’s Cybers.

One great little tidbit comes from a single thought box. Tim gives us the current state of the Bat-family. Dick rants and raves in Arkham and Jason now works for the Magistrate. Damien’s fate remains unknown, but Tim seems to shudder when he thinks about it, so Tim’s closest allies no longer exist…except one.

Robin Eternal 1 – The Face They Needed to Bring Back

Of all the faces and all the characters this issue needed to bring back, it brings back the most important one right away, Stephanie Brown (the Spoiler). A cyber gets the jump on Tim and when his normal EMP grenade fails to stop it, he finds himself on the verge of being choked out. Thankfully the cyber’s head explodes when the one-eyed Spoiler emerges from the shadow with a rather mean looking rifle. Given the history between Tim and Steph, she needed to be in this issue, and it was cute to see Tim still saying all the wrong things around her because of how he feels about her.

Another face they bring in after Stephanie refuses to help Tim belongs to a deaf woman named Darcy. While I am not familiar with Darcy, Tim seems very comfortable with her. She excels in tech and bio-analysis. Darcy agrees to help Tim because she does not want the stupidest genius she knows dead.

I like that they kept this story simple. We see plenty of clues about Gotham and some other masked heroes, but this story revolves around Tim, Stephanie, and Darcy. It keeps the story tight and focused.

Robin Eternal 1 – You Know IT Had to Pop Up Too

Of all the things in the Bat-universe, few hold the aura of the Lazarus pit. While it wreaks of evil, it served both sides many times over. Eternal life to anyone who uses it as well as the resurrection of the dead. Its waters changed so many lives it needed to pop up in a Bat-story like this somewhere, and now it does. The Magistrate’s scientists attempted to use the Lazarus pit to make their cybers immortal. This is why Robin’s EMP did not work earlier. If finalized the cybers would be unbeatable.

While the trio manages to intercept the shipment, one cyber has been infused with the Lazarus resin. I like seeing Robin and the spoiler in action again. For those who read the Robin title back when it launched it will feel familiar. The problem is their best devices do nothing against the advanced cyber. In fact, the hulk blocks Tim’s attack, chokes him, and throws him to the floor where he breaks his neck. It’s A good thing Tim just happened to be covered in the Lazarus resin. He shakes off the broken neck and stands ready for round 2! By the way, did I mention now he’s pissed?

Robin Eternal 1 – The Robin We Needed

Dick will forever be the first Robin and that position will always demand respect, but Tim Drake stands as the second-best and most influential of Robin’s. Even from an early age when he first took up the Robin Mantle, Tim always had a drive and determination about him. He bridges the difference between a great fighter and a great detective.

This title does him and the Robin mantle justice. It includes major markers such as Spoiler and the Lazarus pit and tells a tight story furthering your Future State storyline. I really enjoyed this title and look forward to the second part of the story.

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