Bethesda, MachineGames, and Lucasfilm Games have all announced that they will be working together to make a new Indiana Jones game. They’ve even released a short teaser for it. Check it out:

Hmm, I see they’re going for style over substance here.

Admittedly, this Tweeted teaser doesn’t really contain much in the way of content. We see a bunch of random books, maps, photos, and a mug of coffee before we finally get to Indiana Jones’ iconic hat and whip. We also see someone lifting the hat away at the very end. Presumably, this is Dr. Jones Jr. himself, looking for his hat.

Indiana Jones: It's not a hat, it's a fedora.
Dr. Jones is always correct.

In addition to that teaser though, Bethesda have also Tweeted that MachineGames is working on an original story for this new Indiana Jones game. Not only that, but Todd Howard will be this game’s executive producer, working in collaboration with LucasFilm Games. Todd Howard previously led the development of the Fallout and Elder Scrolls games, so it seems like this game is in good hands here. More or less. Assuming that he doesn’t repeat the mistakes of Fallout 76, but that’s another story.

Indiana Jones: The New Order?

Indiana Jones' logo.
I wonder if we’ll get to see him gunning down Nazis here too?

We have no information whatsoever about what this new Indiana Jones game is about, or even how it plays. However, we can make some guesses based on the companies involved. Particularly: MachineGames.

MachineGames logo.
You can tell they mean business when they have guns everywhere in their logo.

MachineGames is responsible for the award-winning Wolfenstein: The New Order game and its various sequels. Considering the success of the first-person shooter formula in that game series, it’s possible that this new Indiana Jones game will also be a FPS game. Possibly involving Nazis as well. Not sure how it’d work with the whip though.

Wolfenstein: The New Order gameplay screenshot.
Maybe it’ll be a whip/gun hybrid?

Of course, this is all speculation until we get some official word from Bethesda about this new Indiana Jones game. Feel free to take it with as much salt as you like.

A grain of kosher salt magnified to look like a Mayan pyramid.
So this is what kosher salt looks like under a microscope. Indiana Jones is dying to destroy it already.


Bethesda, MachineGames, and Lucasfilm Games are working together to make a new Indiana Jones game. We don’t know what form it’ll take, but there is a 33-second teaser for it now. It’s actually funny that this announcement comes right on the heels of Lucasfilm Games’ announcement of a “new era” for the company. This seems like a good start to that new era so far. Let’s hope they keep it up.

Source: Bethesda