The MCU is about to get much, much larger. We know that for sure. There isn’t rumor about that. But what we don’t know is how and where those characters are going to debut. Our friends at FandomWire are reporting that Doctor Doom is making his MCU debut in Black Panther 2. Now you might be asking yourself, how does that make sense? Doctor Doom is the main villain for the first family of Marvel, The Fantastic Four. So why would he be showing up in Black Panther 2?

Well the reason is that Doctor Doom is the next overarching villain for this phase of the MCU. So we might have to wait to see him do battle with the Fantastic Four, but he’ll be pulling the strings in Black Panther 2. What muddies the water a bit is of course, the untimely passing of Chadwick Boseman. His death threw the plans for the sequel into disarray. Ryan Coogler’s plans have changed, but the movie is going ahead full steam.

As this hasn’t been confirmed by Marvel yet, take it as you will. But with two sources now listing this, FandomWire and Murphy’s Multiverse, it could end up being more true than not.

We’ll have to see when we get more news out of Marvel. But this upcoming phase is already starting off strong with WandaVision.

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Source: FandomWire, Murphy’s Multiverse