Today in unexpected connections… Mario Lopez said Cobra Kai convinced him to rejoin Saved By the Bell.

Apparently, when Lopez was first approached about participating in the Saved By the Bell reboot, he was skeptical. He didn’t want to jump on the reboot train outright and end up with a subpar series.

But then he watched Cobra Kai, and things changed.

“It was such a smart, clever way, the way they blended the nostalgia and this updated version,” Lopez told GQ. “So [I said], if we can emulate that, then I’m down.”

And strangely enough, the gamble seems to have paid off for him. We actually really enjoyed the updated Saved By the Bell. And we’re not the only ones. The reboot is Peacock’s most-watched original series.

So sometimes watching too much TV does lead to good life decisions, at least when you’re Mario Lopez. (That’s what I’m supposed to take away from all this, right?)

And never let it be said that Lopez doesn’t have a sense of humor. You can also catch him in the Lifetime mini-movie A Recipe For Seduction. (It’s a KFC-sponsored production in which Lopez stars as sexy Colonel Sanders.)

So, did Cobra Kai or Saved By the Bell restore your faith in reboots? What TV reboot is your favorite? Let us know in the comments.

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Source: GQ