Randy Orton might not be the biggest fan of Star Wars that’s a pro wrestler, that goes to Cody Rhodes. He might have “burned The Fiend alive at the TLC event over the weekend, but his reward was starting The Mandalorian. Orton defeated The Fiend in the first ever Firefly Inferno Match. Normally Randy is definitely seen as the least nerd-friendly superstar on the WWE roster. But I’m guessing underneath all that exterior is a nerd just like the rest of us.

I guess we’ll have to see when he gets to all the revelations of the second season to see where his fandom truly lies. You can check out all of our coverage of all things Mandalorian here. You can also check out our coverage of Pro Wrestling including the Top 10 Pro Wrestling Moments of 2020.

What do you think of The Mandalorian? What Pro Wrestlers (besides Sasha Banks) would you want to see on the show for it’s third season? Let us know in the comments or on Facebook at THS Wrestling!

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Source: Randy Orton’s Twitter