This is the way.

With season 2 of The Mandalorian now wrapped many questions remain unanswered about what happens to the cast of characters. Does Bo-Katan achieve her dream of becoming the Queen of Mandalore? Does she kill Mando in order to gain back the Darksaber? Many of these questions will likely be answered in the upcoming spin-off shows. But the fate of Grogu may have already been answered.

With Grogu now being in the care of Luke Skywalker. It paints a dark picture of what happens to the baby Jedi down the road. Anyone familiar with the sequel trilogy is aware of where Luke’s attempt to rebuild the Jedi ultimately leads.

Two-Ish Paths For Grogu, Two Of Which We Might Not Like

Assuming that Grogu is indeed the start of Luke’s attempt to rebuild the Jedi Order then there are likely only two possibilities for the young alien. Either he is killed by Kylo Ren in his destruction of the Jedi Temple, or he escapes before that fate and his story is yet unfinished. He could also become a Knight of Ren, but that is incredibly unlikely.

Seeing as how the sequel films and the various media made since doesn’t show anything about Grogu, we won’t know until his story is eventually finished. Because Grogu was created after the sequel trilogy was made, this is a bit hard, because the presence of another Jedi sort of mucks up the sequel trilogy’s story.

Ben Solo destroying Luke’s Jedi Temple

There is Another

Of course, since Grogu never appears in the movies or comics there is technically a third option. Given that Ben would only be around five years old, give or take, by the end of The Mandalorian. There is time for Grogu to somehow wind up going back to Mando before Ben’s betrayal. It’s a bit of a longshot given how long it takes a Jedi to master their abilities, though.

Hopefully, Lucasfilm will realize how dark of an ending has been set up with the end of The Mandalorian season two and have Grogu somehow avoid it. Until then though it seems Grogu’s untimely fate has already been written.