For the past several weeks I have practically had Last Christmas with Emilia Clarke or auto-play. Its a fantastically funny Christmas Comedy with a nice little twist to it. How does this pertain to Discovery? Emilia’s boss, Santa, who owns the year-round Christmas shop where she works, sasses her, belittles her, degrades her, and refuses to give up on Clarke’s character even when she gives up on herself. Sound like anyone we know on Discovery? Santa, like her counterpart Emperor Georgiou, is played by the wonderful Michelle Yeoh.

Michelle Yeoh
Emperor Phillipa Georgiou played by Michelle Yeoh

Yeoh does not receive the appreciation she deserves. In both roles her character seems curt, overly blunt, even mean at times, but under both exteriors lies a heart of gold. Granted Last Christmas did not ask for too much depth, but these past two episodes really show the nuances and feeling Yeoh can put into a performance. She can play the down right bitch, but she can also sell the caring motherly role as well. In Terra Firma pt II we see this with Michael of course, but also with mirror universe Saru.

Not only do we see an emotional and truthful goodbye between Georgiou and Burnham on the planet’s surface, but in the crews’ farewell toasts they sum her up quite nicely. While she portrayed a bitter and heartless person on the exterior, she often did so as a way to help crewmen look inside themselves at the real problems going on. She will be missed as a part of the Discovery crew.

Goodbye and Hello Again: It Returns

The Guardian
Carl, The Guardian resurfaces

In my article on the last episode, I took a stab at Carl’s identity. I was close in nature but off on the timeline. Instead of thinking The Next Generation I should have thought original Trek. ‘The Guardian’ first appeared in the original 60 series in “The City on the Edge of Forever”. A deranged McCoy travels through it and alters history, erasing the Enterprise. Kirk and Spock chase him down in 1930s New York.

Carl used to allow people to travel through the portal to observe (but not interfere) with the past. Then the ‘Time War’ that Starfleet eludes to happens and the Guardian goes into hiding. The interesting thing to note going forward comes from Discovery herself. Discovery’s computer locates the Guardian, so once again it shows independent and almost sentient level intelligence. Look for the Discovery’s computer to play more prominent roles in the episodes and seasons ahead.

Goodbye and Hello Again: Ending Or Beginning?

The sad part to Georgiou’s travels to her past is that it did nothing for her physical condition. The Prime universe and the Mirror Universe simply exist too far apart now for her to be able to live. When questioned why he had Georgiou do all this if it would not save her, Carl states – It was a test. Since Georgiou fought for life, both with Burnham and Saru, she passes, but the final answer means she needs to leave the here and now. we get a tearful farewell, and she then strides through the portal with purpose, disappearing forever. Or did she?

A couple of months ago Star Trek creators teased a Georgiou spin-off. Fans wondered how showrunners would spin the Emperor off Discovery. They leaked Georgiou would link up with section 31, the dark underbelly of the Federation. They did in the shadows what the Federation could not do in open daylight. Everything that Georgiou experienced these last couple episodes play perfectly into that. Georgiou is learning to walk the line between brutal, must-be-done tactics and caring for people and their existence. No doubt this new show will continue to place Georgiou in morally questionable circumstances. I do not doubt Yeoh’s ability to make those scenes great.

Goodbye and Hello Again: Book and the Snark Pack

Reno and Stamets
Stamets, Reno and Adira (not pictured) make up the Snark Pack

I really love what the writers are doing with Book. Similar to Burnham, but without the Starfleet attachment, Book is finding ways to make himself useful. I love how they will continue to use him, but they do not slap a Starfleet uniform on him. He gets to be the shadow hand of Discovery, and dodge all the bureaucratic red tape to do what Starfleet cannot. David Ajala continues to give Book a light, jovial presence. He eagerly jumps at the chance to help the crew and be a part of Discovery.

The scene with the snark pack lasted only a couple of minutes, but it’s easily my favorite scene of the episode. Book easily fixes Discovery’s sensor problems with a piece of Emerald Chain tech, and Stamets stands there stammering about how he could have done it with this type of tech. Book tells him he could just say thanks when Commander Reno jumps in with the diss of the century: “Biologically impossible. If he tried his DNA would unravel like a hormonal teenager.” Note Stamets then walks away without thanking Book. I do not think Book’s place will be with the Snark pack but his character matches wit and timing perfectly.

The second best line also goes to Reno when she commented on Georgiou: “She had no tact, an’ god I loved that about her.”

Oh yeah, and note to self: black licorice is not a food. It’s candy and ‘practically an accessory’.

Goodbye and Hello Again: It WILL Happen

I have been saying this all season and Georgiou drove the prophecy home even more. Michael Burnham WILL command a starship! I loved how Discovery dealt with the empty captain’s chair at the beginning of the season as it was the right choice, but Burnham proves time and again she has the power, presence and gravitas to command a starship. The fact Georgiou points this out before striding through her portal, to me, drives this point home again. Whether it’s Discovery or another ship, Burnham will be in command soon. Writers are simply dropping too many hints to deny this.